Virtue’s duty

buy gabapentin online us by Jotter girl on March 19, 2011



With regal petals to prove its faithfulness

Violet grants a light scent so one can taste its sweetness

The virtue of the violet can be matched by your own

You greet me on your doorstep and perceive me reappearing

You close the door but I never step away

I am waiting amongst the violets

Remaining ’til you open again to offer me your mute support, which is your virtue’s duty

Fold it up, tuck it away, close your door

I will wait, poised among the violets

Suffering what cannot be

Realizing virtue has forsaken me because there is no other path

I breathe in the sweetness with purpose to suppress my bitter breath

For next time may be new

As I wait amidst the violets



This was Magpie 57, a writers prompt provided by Tess.  Stop over at Magpie Tales to see what others have written about violets.

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