I’ll take a love letter over a love text any day.

is it ok to buy Clomiphene online by Jotter girl on March 15, 2011


buy brand Quetiapine I have written and received hundreds of letters in my life.  As with the jotters, these letters create a history and time line that help me remember who I was, what I did and who I loved.   I keep these letters in a trunk and have not looked at most of them since they were first received.

About 15 years ago I separated them into groups putting each bunch in a manila envelope with the name of the person who wrote them or what part of the world they were from on the outer top left corner.  Of all the envelopes, only one has a girl’s name.  That envelope belongs to my sister.  There are also envelopes marked family and misc.  Other than those there are probably more than a dozen other envelopes containing letters from boys when I was younger and men when I became older.

If I loved you, then you most likely have an envelope.

If I loved you, then you received just as many letters as you sent.

I would love to have back the letters I wrote to complete the circle.  I doubt very much that any of the recipients ever bothered to save them.  It’s not what men do.

I have taken a break from love for the last few years in order to concentrate on other things that are more important to me right now.  Today I was thinking about when I am ready to look for love again and what it will be like.  It saddens me a bit that my collection of letters has probably ended due to the ease of email and texting.  The beautiful crinkly sound of an airmail envelope is now lost.  The fancy postage will now be replaced by a beep from my phone.  You cannot tie a red ribbon around a bunch of emails like you would a dozen love letters.

If I loved you, then you most likely have an envelope.

We may not be in love anymore but I will always love your letters and the you that wrote them.

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