About Jotter Girl


Welcome to Jotter Girl.  No doubt you are looking at my photo and saying “Hey, she’s not the same girl as the one in the photo with the Russian Wolfhound!”  True, that cute blonde isn’t me, but I really like that photo.  If you stick around, you’ll quickly learn that I am partial to old photos and enjoy writing 30 Second Stories to go along with them.  Stop by and check out Vintage Roll Call where I get to create a name and story for someone in a vintage photo.  I’ve been a blogger for a few years and look forward to continuing here as Jotter Girl.  It is my hope that you will find something here that you connect with, whether it be my opinion pieces, poetry, observations or general silliness.

As for the name Jotter Girl, that’s an easy one.  I’ve kept a notebook, aka jotter in one form or another since I was 8 years old.   Keeping notes and telling tales, is just what I do.  

Can someone please tell Blondie and her dog to stop giving me the stare down?




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