Can I get the “Yes Mom” app at the ipod App store?

by Jotter girl on March 22, 2011


Yesterday, I shopped real and virtually.  My kids, after raking in a ton of cash from their birthdays saving for months and months, finally had the money to shell out for an ipod touch (each).  Upon leaving Best Buy with my credit card still smoking ipods, cases and screen protectors,  my boys were onto their next plan.  Convincing me that we needed to go out to dinner to celebrate the new ipods and they knew just the place.   They named Panera, a place that they knew offers free wifi.  They cleverly sold it to me as the place where I can get that broccoli cheddar soup that I love so much.  Okay I’m in.

I had the first dinner in a very long time where there was no fighting and it was quite glorious.   Yes, our table was glowing from all the apps that were being downloaded and the boys looked like zombies staring into their palms, but I was the Queen eating my bowl of soup in peace.  That is, until one of my boys shouted out…

“Hey, where’s my Fart App!?!”

Fabulous, I thought, looking around the restaurant hoping nobody heard.  The Queen is dead and good old mommy is back asking each boy to surrender their ipod for my inspection.  Apparently, while I was enjoying my soup, they had gone shopping for apps from the CrApp Store right on their ipods.

Of all the useful  Apps one can get for their device, here are 3 that I found on their ipods that seem particularly helpful to 10 year old boys.

Fart For Free – a myriad of fart sounds ranging from dry to wet.

Bald Booth – take your photo and make yourself look bald.

Gun App – choose from 50 guns ranging from AK-47 to water pistols.  Tap the screen and you get the sound of the gun.

While I am far from 10, I chose this as an opportunity to bond with my boys.  So I allowed my self to enter the bald booth, selected a .357 Magnum as my weapon of choice and endured listening to 16 different versions of the beloved fart during the car ride home.

Having now lived with the ipod touch for 24 hours, here’s an app that I would love to see.

The Yes Mom app.

Here is how it would work.  While your child stares into the ipod, hypnotized, the Yes Mom app whispers to your child the following sentence over and over.

Yes mom, I would be happy to clean my room

Then a timer within the ipod begins to count down and at the end of 5 minutes, the ipod shuts off saying the battery needs recharging.  This is your cue to go and plug in the ipod to charge and add, “Oh by the way, can you run up and clean your room?”

Yes mom, I would be happy to clean my room.

Hmm, I wonder is I could get this to work on ex husbands too.


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