The evidence points to…..

by Jotter girl on May 29, 2011


I live in a house.

I live with two 10 year old boys.

They are either the laziest slobs on the planet or two highly intelligent, creative geniuses.

Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

ME: Why can’t you remember to flush the toilet?

BOY 1: Because I’ll need to flush it again later, so I’m just saving it up….you know, to save water.  Oh and then there’s also that noise pollution issue.  No flush no noise.

ME: Why is there a damp bath towel on your unmade bed every morning?

BOY 2: This way you will know that I’m clean.  If I hung it up in the bathroom, you might think it was from your other child and that I am going to school dirty.  My bed is unmade because I was so comfortable right before I got out that I wanted it to stay that way for when I get back in tonight.

ME: Why are there wrappers hidden between the couch cushions?

BOY 1: Because, if I put the wrappers on the coffee table, you would ask me to throw them away.  Keeping them between the cushion let’s me enjoy my show without interruption.

ME: Why are there dirty socks everywhere?

BOY 2: As you know, we have a “no shoes on the couch” rule.  When I’m on the couch without my shoes, I notice my feet smell.  I take off my socks and throw them as far away from my nose as possible.  Mom, perhaps you might want to reconsider letting shoes on the couch.

ME: Why can’t you remember to wipe your mouth?

BOY 1: Because I‘m not a vanity case like you mommy.  You’re always worried about what you look like….wiping your mouth every two seconds.  I am just planning to do one final wipe at the end of the meal.  Saves energy and napkins.

Last week, one of my boys was in the kitchen making himself a smoothie.  Having to bend down to the lowest drawer to retrieve a straw, I heard him call out “Where are the straws?  Ugh, this is such a pain.”  I then heard the silverware draw open and all sorts of racket.  I thought for a moment that my darling angel was emptying the dishwasher without being asked.  This is what I found instead.

Lazy or genius?

Either way, I love them.  While the above mentioned things drive me crazy, I realize that they don’t mean much in the big picture.  My boys almost always say please, thank you and hold the door for me.  They greet me with a smile and a hug in the morning.  I get kisses and I love you’s before bed.  Plus, every time I open the silverware drawer, I  giggle.

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