My Aha Moments….Coupon Conspiracy Theory

by Jotter girl on June 2, 2011


I read somewhere today that being right brained, I figure most stuff out with aha moments.  I am not sure what the technical term would be for an aha moment, you’ll have to check with a left brain thinker.  Anyway, this article confirmed what I’ve always known about myself – I shouldn’t really ever try to figure anything out methodically, I should just let it pop into my head.  And that is exactly how I came up with my coupon conspiracy theory.

I went out to get the mail this morning.


This is what I thought when I opened the mail box and found a fantastic coupon for the Finish Line, sneaker store.  Just what I didn’t need….a coupon.  I had just purchased one of my boys a pair of $50 running shoes 4 days ago and now that I don’t need a coupon, I get one.  This happens ALL the time and I am beginning to think it’s some sort of conspiracy.

I imagine that the Gap, Lens Crafters, Friendly’s and Hallmark each have an alert system in place letting them know that I have just purchased jeans, glasses, an ice cream cone and a greeting card.  Buzzers go off, lights blink around my name on the screen a robotic voice calls out ” sucker coupon alert!”   Immediately a heart stoppingly great coupon is sent out either via email or regular mail.  Once I receive it, I’ll be crushed that I’ve missed out on using the coupon on my last purchase, but then remember those other jeans, glasses, flavors of ice cream and greeting cards that I liked and head back to the store.

I may have a problem and the Gap, Lens Crafters, Friendly’s and Hallmark know it and are using it against me.

Am I the only one?  Or do you suddenly have beautiful and valuable coupons arriving to your home within days of your latest purchase?  They are conspiring to suck you back in.

I’ll see you at Hallmark!

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