The secret meaning of hoodies.

by Jotter girl on August 19, 2011


Apparently someone switched my cereal for crank berries this morning.  I know this to be true because one of my boys told me I should try meditation.  Perhaps he is right.

So while I am irritated…..I think it would be a good time to vent over something stupid.

Ready, go.

 Here is my imaginary scenario. 

New York City:  A room full of advertising people brainstorming about a new television commercial for Pamprin, the PMS, menstrual fix it pill.

Los Angeles:  A room full of advertising people brainstorming about a new television commercial for Vagisil, the feminine itching cream.

In each meeting, the creative geniuses are hard at work trying to think of how to portray either a woman who is itchy or one that is bat shit crazy with PMS.  At exactly 4:00 pm in NY and 1:00 pm in LA, we hear “EURIKA! Let’s have her wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up.”  There is a collective sigh of relief on both coasts that the problem has been solved.

 Back to reality.

Last night I was watching television and being bombarded with sad looking women wearing hoodies.

On one channel, the girl had the itchies and on the other channel the girl was in need of some Pamprin.  I was there wondering why they both had their hoods up which is when my imaginary scenario came to mind.  I’ll bet it’s pretty close to what actually happened.

FYI, from now on, I am going to think twice before wearing my hoodie.  I wouldn’t want people to think…..well, you know.

Today, I think I might just send a quick note to the makers of Preparation H and let them know that they are missing the boat with their advertising.  Hoodies will make their commercials so much more believable.

Don’t you think?

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