by Jotter girl on August 28, 2011


dissolutive Just is a word with several fine meanings.  It is the adverb defined as:  merely, only, no more than – that I have a problem with.  Pandak Just can belittle a situation in an instant.  http://jennmolo.com/trips-agreement-in-arabic/ Just can hurt feelings.

My dear friend Rabbit was admitted to the hospital last Thursday.  As you may recall from my post “The Rabbit Interview“, Rabbit is very ill.  I was very torn up hearing the news and spent much of Thursday evening in tears, saying prayers.

On Friday, I was speaking with a friend and mentioned what was going on and how upset I was.  He asked if I was going to go see Rabbit.  I replied, no because there is a great distance between us.  He then asked if I had ever met Rabbit.  I explained, no but we have spoken on the phone and are in contact via email, Facebook and our blogs almost daily.  His response to me was, “Oh, you are just friends over the internet.”

I was saddened by the comment because I felt it belittled this wonderful friendship that I have.

Just a writer’s bond

Just an artist’s kinship

Just shared tears

Just mutual joys

Just hand in hand across the miles


is an arrow through my aching heart

I have always had the belief that the written word as a form of communication can foster deep friendships and not just pen pals.  I have found this to be true several times in my life and will always be grateful for paper, envelopes, stamps and the internet.

Sending love and positive thoughts to my dear Rabbit.




Update:  One of my new friends, Mynx read this post and decided to write her feelings about just.  Check it out!

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