Writer’s Block

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Seems like an odd topic for a second post doesn’t it?

Surely you must be thinking that Jotter Girl should have her writers card revoked since she can’t think of something to write this early in the game.  Perhaps true, but it’s not exactly my fault.  My brain is working fine but I have been experiencing a six week run of writers block which I cannot control.

The blockers include but are not limited to:

Two children alternating being sick

One dog getting in on the action with a belly ache

Several snow days equaling my nervous breakdown no school

More that a couple of 2 hour delays at school – thanks to 3 snowflakes

Seven cavities and a crown (split between two mouths)

Eating everything that isn’t nailed down (this is me, not my boys)

The blockers have kept me in the house, under the weather and so busy licking the Cheese Doodle residue from my fingers, that I have barely had a minute to jot down an idea.  I did however get a chance to google Winnipeg “Overcoming Writer’s Block”. Funny, it said nothing about leaving my kids home for a week while I go to a “facility” for my Cheese Doodle “dependence” in a nice sunny destination.  Google Schmoogle.

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