You get what you give.

by Jotter girl on March 30, 2011


People use Facebook for reasons ranging from self promotion, keeping in touch with friends to simply because everyone else is doing it.  For me, I love using FB as a release for the silly thoughts I have running through my head.  Working from home, being a single parent and somewhat of a recluse, FB has provided me contact with the outside world.  It makes me feel like someone out there is listening when it seems like nobody else in my real life is.  Today I used Facebook as a life lesson.

I have this Facebook friend named B.  I have never met her in real life but we became friends on FB through a mutual friend.  B and I went to the same High School but in different years and we have a couple of friends in common but not many.

When I started Jotter Girl and added a “Like” page on Facebook, I was surprised that my new “friend” B went out of her way to post to all of her friends that they should “Like” Jotter Girl too.  Since then, she has very graciously shared a link to my blog on her profile page and given me the thumbs up several times.  In  a world where people rarely give you the time of day, here is someone who doesn’t really know me and is genuinely kind.     We’ve since become better “friends” by sharing silly dialogue on each others pages about stupid things like peanut butter and jelly.  How could you not want to be friends with someone who will (at our mature ages) write about setting up a PB&J club and exclude anyone who likes marshmallow fluff.  I know, silly – right?

This morning B posted a tribute to her mother who passed away a year ago today.  I sent her a hug which in turn, added me to the thread of her post.  I have been seeing comments from her friends coming in all morning with the most sincere, loving messages.

While B may just be lucky to have such support and love, I truly believe she has made her own luck and is merely “getting what she gives”.  When someone’s kindness is so sincere how could you not be kind back?  I am certain that her mother had a big influence on how B lives her life which is such an inspiration to me as a mother trying to raise two young boys in a world that is often less than kind.  Thankfully, things are sinking in over at my house, because one of my boys said to me last night, “Mommy, you get what you give.”

RIP to B’s mother….your kindness lives on, through your daughter.

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