30 Second Story……Wasabi in her obi

by Jotter girl on July 8, 2011


As Miyako sat for her portrait, she wondered if the artist could see the snacks she had hidden in the obi of her kimono.  Sitting for hours made her extremely hungry and she hoped that her stash of wasabi peas would tide her over until supper.  When the painter went to refill his palette, she popped a few peas into her mouth.  What Miyako hadn’t thought of, was how she was going to keep a straight face while tasting the hot blast of  wasabi on her tongue.




A special thanks to The WriMuse Daily for republishing this story as one of their top stories!     http://bit.ly/g3nEkX

Go check it out in the Leisure section!

Images used in 30 Second Stories are photographs found at flea markets and do not represent anyone I am related to.

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