Open letter to Barnes and Noble

by Jotter girl on September 11, 2011


Dear B&N,

I must confess that as far as bookstores go, I’ve realized, I’m a fair weather friend.  The Borders across town was my favorite place to shop up until about a month ago.  Honestly, prior to that, I tried to like B&N but always seemed to leave your store annoyed for one reason or another.

Yes, you were the prettier store and had more to offer, but Borders seemed more genuine, easier.    When they closed their doors, it was like my best friend was moving away.  And there I was…. left with you, the other friend, that I didn’t really like that much.

I stayed away for as long as I could but this morning I needed a bookstore fix, so I ventured over to your place.

As of today, Barnes and Noble is my new best friend favorite book store.  You’ve changed and I love what you’ve done with the place. Adding a larger game/toy section is genius.  When I am there with my boys and they are tired of looking at the books, they now have a second stop at the games before hunting me down and begging me to leave.

Misoprostol cheap online canadian pharmacy Removing all those comfy seating areas where inconsiderate people would sit for hours reading your books and magazines without purchasing them.  That drove me insane….I wasn’t there to buy used reading material and hated seeing all those books and magazines left on the floor.

Now, the only thing left for you to do to cement our friendship, is to tell the lady at register 5 to be a little less snooty when it comes to asking me if I am “a member“.   She need not look down on me just because I am not ready to plunk down $25.oo a year to be in your club.  My old friend Borders got me for $20 and then a couple months later…well, you know.



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