Family emergency plan.

by Jotter girl on October 18, 2011


Recently I had an anxiety episode late at night where I was certain I was having a heart attack.  Dwelling on the fact that my children could possibly find me unconscious on the floor didn’t make me feel any better.  Like many people with anxiety, we are our own worst enemies.  One of my greatest fears as a single mom, is that something will happen to me and my children will be put in the position of needing to decide what to do in an emergency.

The next day I woke up alive, exhausted and determined to get a grip on things.  I decided that while I cannot control my once a month anxiety/heart attack sessions, I can control some of the worries associated with them.  I decided to put together a kit for my children to help them get through an emergency.  I purchased a plastic zippered pouch and filled it with the following items.

  • House keys
  • Money
  • Emergency instructions
  • Medical insurance card

I sat down with my boys and went over the contents, instructions and as a family, we decided where we would keep the pouch.  While they weren’t exactly thrilled thinking that mom could have an accident or fall ill, I think they were relieved that they had a plan to follow.   For me, it was very important to walk through the steps of what may happen.  We worked with a scenario that mom fell down the stairs and was knocked unconscious.  They knew the first step was to call 911 and get the kit.  My children were completely unaware that they would not be able to ride along in the ambulance to the hospital, so I explained that they needed to go down the list of emergency numbers until they found someone to come and help.  Discussing some of the possibilities seemed to make them feel more confident that they knew what to do.  I had originally intended to write this post as a single parent emergency plan but realized that it would be just as beneficial to 2 parent households.

Below are the things that I felt were important for our instruction/information sheet.  Please feel free to use it and add things that could be beneficial to your family.  Obviously, this list will not be appropriate in households where the children are young and cannot read yet, but it would certainly help a friend or neighbor make sure the correct information is given out.

Family “in case of emergency” information

Important phone #:

  • 911
  • Father –
  • Mother -
  • Grandparents –
  • Neighbors –

Other phone #:

  • Doctor –
  • Children’s Doctor –
  • Homeowners Insurance –
  • Veterinarian –
  • School –

Medical Information:

  • Medical Insurance company ID# and Group#
  • Allergies:
  • Current medications:
  • Current Illness:

Misc. Information:

  • Car make, model and color
  • License plate #
  • House Alarm code –
  • Phone message retrieval code -
  • Computer log in code –

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