Back when I was 48 and immature……

by Jotter girl on December 28, 2011


Back when I was 48 and immature, I used to write a different blog called Wink at Me until one day a stalker scared the beelzebub out of me and I shut it down.  Finding it hard to stay away from blogging, I created Jotter Girl and while I’m pretty happy over here, sometimes I miss my silly antics from Wink.  This morning a friend noted that my Monday feature was “one of the best blog segments ever“.   This is for you Mike….for old time’s sake.

In June of 2010, a trip to the shore got me this souvenir…..

Which then gave me 7 Mondays in which to be silly and creative.

São Cristóvão Mustache Monday

The Square

The Bruiser

The Weasel

The Sheriff

The Grandpa

The Hero

The Hollywood

Those 7 mustaches brought me a lot of fun.  Although these photos had my kids rolling their eyes for 7 weeks, they now admit that it was actually pretty fun.

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