Letter to the Editor of Time

by Jotter girl on February 1, 2012


Feeling a little “dissed” by this week’s cover of Time, I decided to send my opinion to the Editor and thought it was worth sharing here.


Dear Editor,
Your cover was a total bait and switch scenario with both the title and image being misleading.  The actual article, which was very good, had little to do with being shy. It’s just a guess that a cover with the title, “The power being an introvert”, with an image of a regular person might not have appealed to as many buyers on newsstands.

I’m doubtful that many of my extroverted friends are reading this article (because they are too busy talking) so what you have done with the misleading cover, is reinforce that all of us introverts are shy.  While the introvert community is reading your piece and nodding along, the rest of the world may have missed a really great article because they see the word shy and think this is old news.

Jotter Girl


Beyond the cover, the article was great and defined so many of the positive aspects of being an introvert.  They even included a little quiz to see if you are an innie or an outie.  While I already know I am an introvert, I took the quiz anyway and wasn’t all too surprised when I answered 17 of the 19 questions with a very clear YES.   I think had they included a quiz to see if I am shy or not, I probably would have scored 17 of 19 questions with a NO.   Introverts are not necessarily shy, just ask me.



P.S.   This post was written from the bathroom at a huge party with tons of guests, which proves that I’m and introvert.  When a guest knocked on the door, I yelled “Take a hike, I’m very busy in here!” which proves that I am not shy.


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