I have a leg up on Angelina Jolie

by Jotter girl on March 3, 2012


I cringe every time I see this photograph of Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars.

buy Ivermectin online in u.k Did she learn nothing from me????

For those of you who don’t know, I invented this pose back in 1966 and have used it successfully for the last 46 years.  Several months ago, I was hired by Angelina and spent many long hours perfecting the look for her big red carpet moment at the Oscars.

   Let’s just say, she wasn’t a quick study.

 It seems that even Brad knows which was a better Photo Op.   Can you blame him?



While I would love to take full credit for this post, I must thank my friend Joey for the inspiration.  I posted this photo (sans Brad) as my profile picture on Facebook and it was his funny comment, “Brad Pitt’s wife Just tried this pose at the Oscars and it pales in comparison” that gave me the idea.  Thanks Joey and Happy Birthday today!!!!

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