My Vintage.....Kitchen Shakers

Sugar Pepper

Spicing things up

Beverly sat alone at her kitchen table, took a deep breath and dialed the phone.  She’d been alone for too long, hated her job and was ready to make a change.

“Hello, Madam Lulu’s escort service.” barked the woman on the other end.  Beverly nervously told the Madam that she was looking to get into a new line of work.  After several questions, Madam Lulu growled, “Fine, one of the girls is ill tonight so you can fill in.  What’s your name doll…and it better be good.”

Intimidated by Madam Lulu’s order, Beverly quickly looked up to the first thing she saw and blurted into the phone, “Sugar… Sugar Flour is my name.”

“Well Sugar Flower, you’d better be here in an hour and I hope you’re as pretty as your name.  Goodness knows we could use a pretty face around here.”