Moxie Mouth

The coarseness of your voice is like a lullaby
soothing my memories with laughter
 Moxie mouthed and clever
 Inviting polished to shine
Delivering the blast of your laughter without pause
falling upon me like tousled treasures
Then, a quiet prize
Poetry’s partner
embracing the depth with your beautiful grasp
 To you, I am real
and I stand sturdier for it

For Mrs. P with love from Couthy



Turn Back the Clock

My tears have shaken him.

He begs,

begging me to reverse my desperation.

I have frightened his boy heart,

perhaps even broken it.


Six words of recklessness,

raking the grief laden air.


We melt together,

his grip holding me here.

Honoring the weight of his anchor, I encircle his body,

catching his fear.


Restless, he sleeps next to me now.

Crying out.


Searching for a good dream.

I watch through liquid eyes,

wishing I could make it 9:02 again.




For my son Nicholas.

30 Second Poem…..Embracing Hope

Leaning into loves lock

Entering ever after entwined

In pure happiness

Devoted to this moment and alive with promise

Envy stands near

A hopeful sigh is heard


We all need a little red couch sometimes.

Tear streaked and broken

Patch me up

Paint my face

But grim can’t change

so I hide behind a little red couch

to occupy your Victorian stare

An easy diversion

from the wall I have become


Magpie 93 – Photo provided by Magpie Tales

Yin and Yang


Threads to the wind

Yin, you’re the most

Yang, you hep cat

The two of you

On the hook in the most delicious way

Cloud 9 and patent leather



Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie #92.  For more, stop over at Magpie Tales