Picking up where we left off......

When I last posted here at Jotter Girl, it was March and I was throwing Angelina Jolie under the bus for misusing the pose I made famous back in 1966.  Some of you may recall my efforts to teach her this pose before the Oscars and how she just didn’t measure up.

Well, 5 months have gone by and I am happy to be back and hope to reconnect with many of my former readers.

Where have I been? 

While I’d like to say that I was hired to privately tutor Katy Perry on the “pose”, the truth is much less glamorous.  Let’s just say, due to security issues, I panicked had the good mind to close down all of my online accounts.  Unfortunately, when I shut the Jotter Girl blog down in the spring, I deleted all of it’s content.  This is because I was an impatient, paranoid idiot being super cautious.  Thank goodness for dear friends.  Rabbit came to my rescue and figured out a way to import all of my old posts.

I look forward to renewing old friendships and of course, making new ones.



P.S. Angelina still isn’t speaking to me since Brad picked the better photo op.