A Creative's Calling

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When creatives are told they are different, crazy or even wrong, I believe it’s just a misunderstanding, possibly coming from a place of discomfort.

A creative’s calling is not to be comfortably original.   It is to be vulnerable to their own ideas, while having the spirit to bare themselves at the risk of judgment.  It is this exposure that can translate into disapproval or respect.

We are not safe in our inspiration.

We are confessing and disclosed.

While our creative innocent may be wounded by a sideswipe, our present self can reflect that we are in good company.   And while our creative innocent flourishes from respect, our present self knows this jury is fickle and it’s best to keep our Dog ready to guard or console.

We must enter our creative moments with a nod to good company from present and past.  We must believe our confessions are true and worth being received with empathy. What happens after that is simply not up to us.