My Vintage.....Salt and Pepper

buy Latuda online without dr approval I love vintage.  Maybe it’s because I am vintage.  I thought it would be fun to share items from my personal collection here at Jotter Girl.  Yesterday I made myself a homemade light box for photographing my art work.  I tested it out on these salt & pepper shakers so they will be the first entry in “My Vintage”.   Since I don’t know the history of most of my vintage items, howsabout I just make something up?

Będzin Salt Silencer

Thelma detested Mrs. Tuttle, her neighbor upstairs.  The constant noise above, drove Thelma to became desperate to eliminate the “problem”.  She purchased a darling little pair of salt and pepper shakers as a gift for Mrs. Tuttle’s 65th birthday.  Three days later, upstairs became wonderfully quiet, which was when Thelma knew that the arsenic mixed with the salt must have done the trick.