30 Second Story.......Appropriate tea party attire

Lester had been attending the secret afternoon tea parties for quite a while now.  Neither Bea nor Margaret seemed to mind that he would arrive in his business suit but quickly change into a lovely floral skirt.   Today, when Bea’s husband came home unexpectedly from work, Lester breathed a sigh of relief that he was seated at the table.


Picking up where we left off......

When I last posted here at Jotter Girl, it was March and I was throwing Angelina Jolie under the bus for misusing the pose I made famous back in 1966.  Some of you may recall my efforts to teach her this pose before the Oscars and how she just didn’t measure up.

Well, 5 months have gone by and I am happy to be back and hope to reconnect with many of my former readers.

Where have I been? 

While I’d like to say that I was hired to privately tutor Katy Perry on the “pose”, the truth is much less glamorous.  Let’s just say, due to security issues, I panicked had the good mind to close down all of my online accounts.  Unfortunately, when I shut the Jotter Girl blog down in the spring, I deleted all of it’s content.  This is because I was an impatient, paranoid idiot being super cautious.  Thank goodness for dear friends.  Rabbit came to my rescue and figured out a way to import all of my old posts.

I look forward to renewing old friendships and of course, making new ones.



P.S. Angelina still isn’t speaking to me since Brad picked the better photo op.

30 Second Story.......Daddy the dog

Mother and Emily knew that Daddy had packed up and left, but baby Dennis was none the wiser.

30 Second Story......Seats for Tommy and Joey

As the children ran out to the garden, Billy hurried over to the bench and saved seats for his two pals the only way he knew how.
























30 Second Story.....Be careful what you wish for

When 48 year old Jack looked proudly at his new car and whispered to himself, “I wish I was young again.”,  he never expected this.