30 Second Story……Baby makes change

The Johnson clan had carefully set up their make shift camp in the woods just on the outskirts of town.  A perfect hide out for cousins Bobby and Hank who had just returned from town after robbing the Carson City Bank.  When the afternoon lookout, Auntie Bess, came running back to camp shouting, “The cops are coming, the coppers are coming!” everyone took their places.   Panic set in when they realized that Mavis, who was supposed to wear the phony pregnancy apron, was off picking berries.  With little time to spare, Jack had no choice but to put it on himself.  He adjusted the stolen money which had been sewn into the belly of the apron as best as he could and quickly put on a shower cap to hide his bald head.  The twins played music, everyone smiled and tried to look as innocent as possible.

Kicking up dust, Deputy Weston got out of his car and headed toward this jovial group.  He saw nothing out of the ordinary until he noticed Uncle Frank holding a pot beneath the homely woman’s apron.  When he asked what the pot was for, Frank replied, “Getting ready to help delivery the baby!”  At that precise moment, a coin from inside the apron dropped down into the pot.  Deputy Weston drew his weapon and ordered everyone to put their hands up.

30 Second Story……Something “borrowed”

It was her wedding day and Caroline had made sure it would be perfect, down to the smallest detail.  Unfortunately the one thing she had forgotten was the white satin garter.  After some quick thinking and a couple of snips from the lampshade, the future Mrs. Stevenson was ready to go.

Bad Valentine

On the morning of February 14th, I rolled over, looked him dead in the eye and asked, “Are you going to be a good Valentine or bad Valentine this year?”  After a brief, vacant stare, he closed his eyes, buried his head into the pillow and was back to snoring in a matter of seconds. Ignoring me seemed to be our new morning routine and gone were the days when we used to cuddle before work. My recent early work schedule had me leaving the apartment while it was still dark, so most mornings I just kissed him on the head and whispered goodbye.

My work day consisted of several interruptions from the local florist, who brought bouquets of roses for the giggling girls in the back office. I spent much of the morning trying to ignore their constant bragging about gifts and romantic plans for that evening.  As that snooty girl from Accounting passed my desk after lunch, she sarcastically wondered out loud, what my Valentine would be giving me this year. I smirked in response, but secretly wondered the same thing. Apparently everyone seemed to know about the “gift” I received last year.  I spent the remainder of the day hidden in the conference room trying to avoid Valentine’s Day altogether.

As I arrived home, I paused at the door wondering what would be waiting on the other side.  A nice kiss would be welcoming. As I put my key into the lock, I could hear my Valentine hurrying toward the door.  Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open only to find him standing in front of me with my favorite pair of Louboutin shoes in his mouth.  I dropped my keys, and yelled, “Bad Valentine!  You are a naughty, naughty dog.”



30 Second Poem…..Embracing Hope

Jaigaon Leaning into loves lock

how to buy isotretinoin Entering ever after entwined

http://vantagehsi.com/home-health-care-send-your-referrals/home-health-care-send-your-referrals/ In pure happiness

Devoted to this moment and alive with promise

Envy stands near

A hopeful sigh is heard


Roux for You!

I am so excited to share the launch of a new website by my dear friend Micael “Rabbit” Chadwick.  It’s called Roux for You and you can get there by clicking Roux4U or putting roux4u.com in your browser.  If you could use a smile and giggle, head on over to the website and check it out.  He’s even got a short, fun video so you can see how Roux is created.  It’s okay, go now, I’ll be here waiting for you to get back.  If you forget how to get back here, don’t worry, just stay over there…..it’s way more fun!

I’ve taken the liberty of grabbing the next paragraph right from Rabbit’s website because I think he explains it best

Roux for You (Roux4U) is the brainchild of an idea sparked in the brilliant mind of my good friend, Nik.  My Roux character has long been a fan favorite by many.  This became a way for everyone to have their own Roux in their own way.

  Each piece is hand drawn by me to your specifications – whatever you’d like Roux to do for you – on heavyweight 4″x6″ watercolor paper, and mailed to your door.  There are no prints.  There are no copies.  Each piece is a one of a kind original.  Scans of each piece will be posted on the website along with your name so you can easily find them and share them with your friends and family.”


I’ve written about Rabbit several times here at Jotter Girl and if you’ve read any of the posts, you’ll know that he is a very special person.  Extremely creative, funny and genuine.  He has been an inspiration to me creatively but more important, it is his strength as a human being as he lives with HIV/AIDS that makes him quite remarkable.  This endeavor called Roux for You is a way for him to generate an income from home, which will in turn help pay for the medicine he needs.  A portion of each purchase price goes to HIV/AIDS Research and Awareness!

The website is off to a good start and seems to be creating a good buzz because Roux is just so stinkin’ cute!  Next week there will be a free Roux given away to followers of website.  A winner will be drawn from comments posted to the “give-away” post from followers of the blog.  Keep a look out for the “give-away” post!


I for one, plan to give a Roux to all the special people in my life for their birthday’s this year.  So much better than buying a mass produced greeting card.