We all need a little red couch sometimes.

Tear streaked and broken

Patch me up

Paint my face

But grim can’t change

so I hide behind a little red couch

to occupy your Victorian stare

An easy diversion

from the wall I have become


Magpie 93 – Photo provided by Magpie Tales

When I really should have been writing…..

Today was supposed to be a writing day but somehow I got sidetracked and decided to watercolor the background of a 2″x3″ etching I did back in 1996, titled – William Morris Study.

   And then I got a little carried away and did another one because I was loving the color so much.

Writing will have to wait until tomorrow.

30 Second Story……A snack at Jellystone Park

The bear circled the car twice, stopped and looked over at Frank.  As Emily peered out the window toward her husband, she wondered if it was such a great idea that she put a surprise jelly sandwich in his camera bag.

Yin and Yang


Threads to the wind

Yin, you’re the most

Yang, you hep cat

The two of you

On the hook in the most delicious way

Cloud 9 and patent leather



Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie #92.  For more, stop over at Magpie Tales


Dipping my toe into crisp yellow ochre

After 50 circuses

50 halos

Each holding the other’s tightly





Singing stories, swelling 50 wide

Learning lessons from fickle’s folly

Shaping blindness to a gossamer view

Shift the threshold with a pause from wisdom’s smile

Aware, that steady spell’s favor is now