30 Second Story…..Happy Halloween 1914 style

Girls basketball was all the rage in 1914.  Not only did you get a cool uniform, it also doubled as a great Halloween costume.  With their hats tucked behind their billowy garb, there were 8 soon to be witches going to the Gamma Delta party tonight.





A poem for Rabbit

When you drift away,

you become near

Curse this end that brings you to me

When I touch you at last,

it will be the first

I will lay you down in Auvers-sur-Oise

in fields of wheat

I will lay you down in Paris

in Montmartre

I will lay you down in my heart


Open letter to Shell gas station.

Dear Shell,

I am leaving you for another gas station.

I’m publicly writing to you so the local gossip mill doesn’t start whispering that they saw me down the road with someone else’s pump.

Why have I cheated?  It just seems like you’ve let yourself go.  You aren’t as clean as you used to be and lately there’s been a smell.  Quite frankly, your pump sometimes finishes before my tank is full and occasionally isn’t working at all.

Shell, I’ve been completely faithful to you for many years but admit that I’ve been over at Giant twice in the last few weeks.  I feel completely guilty and cannot continue this way behind your back.   Hopefully you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Yes, the “other station”  is younger, but that’s not why I’ve strayed.  I feel cared for over there…..I guess you could say, that Giant understands me.  Giant is bright, clean, cheerful and offers me the gift of free protection every time I stop over.


You, on the other hand expect me to handle your pump with out any protection at all.  Lord knows who’s been touching your equipment and what kind of germs you are carrying.  I just hate thinking of who was there before me.





P.S.      Rest assured Shell, it isn’t just you.

I admit that I’ve taken extra mitts to protect me throughout the day from other germs.  I sure hope the news gets back to my ATM and they install a box of Gas Mitts ATM Mitts.  I can already feel my wandering eye looking at other ATMs.

My guest post on The Blogstress Network

The Blogstress Network was started by 3 women bloggers in the Philadelphia area who had a common idea regarding encouragement, support and blogging.  They have created a great blog which has turned into a valuable source of information for other bloggers.  Today, they have featured me as a guest blogger and I’ve written a post titled, 30 Second Blog Advice

Pop on over, check it out and while you’re over there, why not join the network?

Open letter to Ann Taylor

Dear Ann Taylor,

Thank you for thinking of me and sending me the almost life sized catalog featuring 48 year old Demi Moore.  It really came in handy this weekend when I changed the trucks and wheels on my son’s skateboard.   You see, I didn’t have any newspaper to put down and your mailing fit the bill perfectly.  I was able to dismantle the whole skate board without getting a speck of rust or dirt on my kitchen table.

As I looked down at my boy’s beat up skate board laying over Demi’s overly airbrushed image, I had the following thought.  In the skateboarding world, if your deck is perfectly painted, it means that you have never attempted much of anything and you just own a pretty skateboard.  When you see a deck like my son’s, you know he has spend hours mastering ollies,  heel flips and pop shove-its.  He’s challenged himself, fallen and often times succeeded.  In other words, he has lived and his board tells his story.

When I look at Demi’s face, I don’t see any trace of a life lived.

As a consumer, truth in advertising is very important to me and while you may be truthfully representing your clothing, perhaps you should do a little less air brushing on your models.  I wouldn’t expect to see Ms. Moore looking like my son’s skateboard, but it would be nice to see something a little closer to reality and less plastic.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Demi Moore as your spokes person,  I’m just a little surprised she wasn’t representing the store, Forever 21.




P.S.   If you’ve heard things about me from Abercrombie and Fitch, just ignore them.