30 Second Story……The very 1st girl’s weekend.

Emily and 9 of her friends were all packed and ready to set off for Nevada.   They agreed to tell their husbands that they were going to visit the Hoover Dam, but in reality, they were headed to Las Vegas for the first girl’s weekend in history.  Just before departing from their home state of  Idaho, Eunice spoke up and reminded the ladies, “Remember girls, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

30 Second Story……The importance of what’s underneath

Mimi was furious as she sat alone in the study while the party continued in the next room.

Earlier that evening, she put on her new black sweater and modeled it for her roommate Claire.  Immediately, Claire handed Mimi a white padded bra telling her it was just what she needed to attract Mike Powell’s attention at the party.

Arriving fashionably late, Mimi paused in the foyer of Mike’s apartment to remove her coat and came face to face with a huge mirror.   Horrified by what she saw, Mimi made a beeline for the study where she remained for the rest of the evening listening to that awful Claire in the other room giggling and singing  drunken duets with Mike.

30 Second Story…….Double the Fun

Martin turned off the highway onto the dirt road and headed toward Double the Fun, a house of ill repute.  He was looking for some action and the offering of a night he’d never forget with either Dolly or Jayne sounded irresistible.  His friend Sam had been out here last weekend and came back with the most amazing stories.  Martin’s heart raced as he rolled up to the front of the establishment and just as Sam described, the two ladies were waiting for him in front of their rooms.  Martin looked at his two choices and quickly realized Sam was playing a prank.  Without hesitation, he reached for the shifter, and put his car into reverse.

30 Second Story……Wasabi in her obi

As Miyako sat for her portrait, she wondered if the artist could see the snacks she had hidden in the obi of her kimono.  Sitting for hours made her extremely hungry and she hoped that her stash of wasabi peas would tide her over until supper.  When the painter went to refill his palette, she popped a few peas into her mouth.  What Miyako hadn’t thought of, was how she was going to keep a straight face while tasting the hot blast of  wasabi on her tongue.




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Images used in 30 Second Stories are photographs found at flea markets and do not represent anyone I am related to.

30 Second Story…..For the love of Darwin

Edwin invited Andrew over for some last minute studying before this morning’s final exam.  As they read over the chapter on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Andrew simply couldn’t concentrate; for at 10:15 he vowed to himself that he would confess to Edwin that he loved him.





The images used in 30 Second Stories are photographs I have picked up at flea markets and do not represent anyone that I am related to.