The Jotter Pages….

A dear friend recently commented that she would love to catch a glimpse inside one of my jotters.   I thought this was an interesting idea so I’ve decided to make it a feature here at Jotter Girl.

But how would I choose which book, which page?

Yesterday, I got all 28 books out,  spread them on the floor,  grabbed one and opened to a page.  Not the best plan because here is what you’d get….

_______________________________ April 8, 1973

I hate Sundays because there’s nothing on TV except Zoom.  Once a day.


I’d need a better plan in selecting something more interesting than what was on television back in the 70′s.  After spending a while flipping pages is several books, I came up with a jotter page to share.  The italics are the actual writings from my jotter.  The  *roman type* are my comments today.


buy Pregabalin india October 24, 1984 

Yesterday, Mom and I went to the Vatican Museum.  As with the rest of Rome, it was gripping and tugging at my heart strings.  Later in the day we met Marco at the Villa Borghese where we took photosIt was fun although these would most likely be our last photos together for a long while.

We are leaving Rome tomorrow and I will miss Marco very much.  Right now, I am listening to one of the two tapes he made for me.  I’m sad because these songs remind me of him.  It was very difficult to say goodbye.  With tears in my eyes, I watched him leave the Pensione Merano through my 3rd floor window.  *note: Marco did not leave through my 3rd floor window.  He took the elevator as he should.* As I looked down upon the Via Veneto, I could see that he too, was crying.  Marco looked up to my window and waved as I blew him a kiss.  I will especially miss him calling me Poppet and darling.

I am sitting on the bed beside my mother.  Our suitcases are in various stages of being packed.  We are taking a break and I am listening to my Walkman.   I was quiet  up until a few moments ago when the sobs burst out of my body and made mom jump a mile.  She ran to the bathroom and brought me back a towel.  What else could she do?  She’s been in Italy for about a week and has gotten to know Marco too.  I think she understands why I have fallen so hard.  I’ve been in Europe for 2 months and don’t want to go home.  I have such a headache and my eyes are stinging like crazy.  How will I manage with out him.


The story behind this story is that I was someone who loved to be in love.  My mother, who was quite aware of my  ability to fall head over heels, hadn’t planned to come to Italy until she got the call from me telling her I felt like Cinderella and I had found my prince.  I am pretty sure she hung up the phone and booked the next flight to Rome in anticipation that I was going to elope with Marco and never come back to the United States.

Writer’s Block

Seems like an odd topic for a second post doesn’t it?

Surely you must be thinking that Jotter Girl should have her writers card revoked since she can’t think of something to write this early in the game.  Perhaps true, but it’s not exactly my fault.  My brain is working fine but I have been experiencing a six week run of writers block which I cannot control.

The blockers include but are not limited to:

Two children alternating being sick

One dog getting in on the action with a belly ache

Several snow days equaling my nervous breakdown no school

More that a couple of 2 hour delays at school – thanks to 3 snowflakes

Seven cavities and a crown (split between two mouths)

Eating everything that isn’t nailed down (this is me, not my boys)

The blockers have kept me in the house, under the weather and so busy licking the Cheese Doodle residue from my fingers, that I have barely had a minute to jot down an idea.  I did however get a chance to google Pujilí “Overcoming Writer’s Block”. Funny, it said nothing about leaving my kids home for a week while I go to a “facility” for my Cheese Doodle “dependence” in a nice sunny destination.  Google Schmoogle.